B-Real Reminisces On The Time He Acted As Ice Cube's Security Guard And They Ran Into Eazy-E

B-Real Reminisces On The Time He Acted As Ice Cube's Security Guard And They Ran Into Eazy-E
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Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from B-Real this week in which the hip-hop legend talked about his time acting as a security guard for Ice Cube at the height of his success as a rapper.

Hip-hop fans know the 1990s was a great time for rap music close to its roots, and these days, there are a select few people who are still around to tell the stories. B-Real, from Cypress Hill, is just one of those people.

During a new interview with VladTV, B-Real recalled the time when he hung around Ice Cube when he was still beefing with his former bandmates in NWA. According to B-Real, he and Ice Cube once ran into Eazy-E when they were still at each other's throats.

B-Real described himself as a "cowboy back then." He carried a gun with him everywhere, and Ice Cube knew he was that type of person. B-Real says Ice Cube wasn't interested in going out in public at the time of his feud with NWA, at least not without an armed guard.

You can check out B-Real's comments on the exchange below:

Ice Cube knew B-Real was the right man for the job, however, he was concerned when they encountered Eazy-E. According to the hip-hop legend, he and Ice Cube were hanging out at Priority, and Ice Cube had been introducing him to people in the staff.

When they were out in the parking garage, Eazy-E rolled up in his vehicle, and B-Real says he thought to himself, "Oh s**t," I'm thinking it's about to pop off." B-Real says the rapper, Eazy-E, was actually by himself and he expected the pair of men to fight it out.

According to B-Real, he didn't want to get involved with a one-on-one fight, unless he had to break it up once it had already finished.

B-Real says, "they handled their s**t like a gentleman." They said hello to each other, shook each other's hands, and it was over.

Ice Cube was in NWA with some of the most important members of the hip-hop community, some of which who later went on to their own massive success, including Dr. Dre. Eazy-E died in 1995.

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