Azriel Clary Slams Haters Who Don't Want To See Her Get Her Life Back On Track

Azriel Clary Slams Haters Who Don't Want To See Her Get Her Life Back On Track
Credit: Source: TMZ

Azriel Clary is now free of R. Kelly's clutch and has reunited with her family. She is facing criticism from haters who have something to say about her recent behavior.

Azriel left Trump Tower after getting into a physical altercation with Joycelyn Savage -- the singer's other girlfriend at the time. Since then, she has been posting photos of her with her family and even singing videos that display her talent.

Clary allegedly met the R&B singer who promised her a career and then isolated her from everyone that she's known while she was in a low place. Now that Kelly is locked away for what could be a long time -- he is no longer there to control the last two known women who were loyal by his side.

Although most of the public is ecstatic that Azriel has finally seen the light, some have chosen to criticize everything that she posts and comment on her behavior since she's left his side.

The 23-year-old took to Twitter where she slammed anyone who had something negative to say.

'It’s so sad how people don’t want to see you grow, be happy or chase your dreams. I had goals in 2015.. why is it a crime to get my life back on track? Maybe me chasing my dreams is a form of healing? Maybe that’s a form of knowing I could have always done it had I believed in myself. Regardless I’m not going to let my past define me, I’m picking up the pieces and creating a better future for myself. I’m turning a negative into a positive and anyone should be happy to see someone who was once in a dark spot blossom.'

Regardless of what the public thinks about Azriel, it's great to see her get on a path of independence after seemingly being brainwashed by the much older artist.

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