Azriel Clary: 'Parents Wanted Me To Make Underage Sex Tape With R. Kelly For Blackmail' — Watch Explosive Video

Azriel Clary: 'Parents Wanted Me To Make Underage Sex Tape With R. Kelly For Blackmail' — Watch Explosive Video
Credit: Source: CBS This Morning

Gayle King has been busy interviewing R. Kelly and his two live-in girlfriends Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage. The woman both professed their love for R. Kelly and told the world how they were with the 52-year-old Grammy winner of their own free will. During the interview that completes on Friday, Gayle King asked Azriel if she had engaged in an underage sexual relationship with R. Kelly. Azriel stated during the interview that she met R. Kelly when she was a mere 17-years-old.

Azriel became noticeably upset several times during the interview, especially when Gayle King asked her personal details about the nature of their relationship with R. Kelly, as both Azriel and Joycelyn Savage said they were intimate with R. Kelly, but that topic was off limits.

Gayle King quoted Clary's parents and said that they had discovered text messages that indicated R. Kelly and Azriel were involved in an underage, sexual relationship when she was seventeen years old. They told King they were concerned R. Kelly had brainwashed and manipulated the now 21-year-old Azriel.

At this point, Azriel became visibly defensive and responded as follows.

"That is a lie. I was not having sex with R. Kelly when I was seventeen."

Gayle King asked why they would lie about something like that. Here is Azriel's answer.

"When I first met Robert, my parents told me to lie about my age. So when I met him, he thought that I was 18.  On top of that, when I was seventeen, my parents were actually making me...trying to get me to take photos with him...take sexual videos with him all kinds of stuff."

At this point, Gayle King interrupted to have Azriel clarify the statements and allegations she was making.

"Wait a minute. Your parents encouraged you to do sexual videos with R. Kelly."

Azriel emphatically answered, "Yes."

She then continued.

"Because they said if they ever have to blackmail him, what they're trying to do now, they can use it against him."

Joycelyn Savage nodded her head in agreement with Azriel and stated that both sets of parents were out to get money from R. Kelly.

You may watch the explosive interview in the video player below.

Azriel's statements went viral on social media and the video is in the top three of YouTube's trends. People have been concerned about both women's welfare since the story drew worldwide attention when Lifetime aired the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly.

Gayle King said that while she was doing the interview she just wanted to tell the girls to go home.

R. Kelly is currently behind bars for failing to pay back child support. His next court hearing for 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse is on March 22, 2019.

What do you think of Azriel Clary's statements? Do you believe her account and that her parents wanted her to make an underage sex tape to blackmail R. Kelly?


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