Azealia Banks Disses Cardi B Again - Nicki Minaj Will ‘Starve Her Out!’

Azealia Banks Disses Cardi B Again - Nicki Minaj Will ‘Starve Her Out!’
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The woman took to social media to say that the Bodak Yellow rapper should hurry up and release an album before Nicki Minaj does and everyone completely forgets about her. Azealia Banks has attacked Cardi before, more recently fat-shaming her. Check out what she had to say this time around.

Banks seems to take any opportunity she can to diss Cardi B, and now she even brought Nicki Minaj into it.

It started with the Grammy-nominated rapper telling her followers on Instagram that her album will be released soon and that they should be patient.

Azealia shaded her about it, putting pressure on Cardi that ‘If Cardi’s album is not out by this summer absolutely no one will care by the time Nicki has starved her out. But, if Cardi drops this summer, Nicki better drop RIGHT on back of her.’

But that was not all! Azealia also name-dropped Remy Ma saying that she cannot be factored in when it comes to female rappers.

Remy Ma’s album, set to be released in the first half of this year ‘will get overlooked simply because she is too masculine to battle with any of the leading names in female rap and her taste in beats also sucks. She is really not a factor here.’

Then, after slamming her competition, Azealia returned to her Instagram account to tease her own album set to be released in March, titled Fantasea Two.

‘All jokes aside. Azealia Banks'll have the best album of the year across all genres. I will have the best female rap album this year and for many years to come. Broke With Expensive Taste is miles ahead of anything any currently active female rapper’s doing, and Fantasea Two will be a reconfirmation of the fact that I’m one of the most talented women in music, PERIOD.’

‘Absolutely no shade to female rap … but this is and has been my art war since 212 dropped. I am the only true artful competition in female rap. I am entirely too versatile… entirely too limber of mind to be beat,’ Azealia boasted.


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