Azealia Banks Claims That Kanye West Sent Her Brutal Information Regarding Kim Kardashian

Azealia Banks Claims That Kanye West Sent Her Brutal Information Regarding Kim Kardashian
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Azealia Banks is stirring up a storm once again. This time, she's talking more smack about Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian. Kicking it off right away, Azealia accused the music creator of mistreating his music industry counterparts back when she was just starting out.

Moreover, in text messages she claims to have in her possession, Azealia states that Kanye spilled some "juicy" information regarding his romance with Kim Kardashian, the mother of his children.

Reportedly, Kim hacked into Kanye's phone, Azealia explained, adding that what she found in his phone may have set off a chain of horrible events. However, she didn't reveal precisely what that was for fear of Kris Jenner having Kanye killed.

You can check out her Instagram messages below for yourself:

Like other hip-hop artists, Azealia said Kanye is merely doing bizarre things for attention ahead of album releases. The rapper was referring to Kanye's six-months of conspicuous support of the derided president, Donald Trump.

Previously, Kanye stepped out of his home wearing a Make America Great Again hat, then posted a picture of himself on Twitter wearing it. Just a few months later, Kanye appeared on Saturday Night Live where he delivered a diatribe about the American political landscape.

The rapper also appeared at the Oval Office to speak with the president about trade, manufacturing, American jobs, and even his family and struggle with mental illness.

While his intentions were likely good, nearly everyone in the hip-hop community wasn't thrilled with his support of Trump. According to Banks, the biggest issue for her is Kanye setting an example as a "messy c*nt," for his kids.

Furthermore, Azealia claims Kim Kardashian is the reason for why Kanye's career is supposedly going down the tubes. Banks said Kim was sucking him dry.

At the end of her long rant, Banks said she would "definitely f*ck Drake," referencing the industry rumors that Drake had slept with Kim Kardashian despite being married to Kanye. She said, "I'm officially done with Kanye West."


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