Azealia Banks Claims Elon Musk Is Unfairly Coming Down On Her In New Lawsuit

Azealia Banks Claims Elon Musk Is Unfairly Coming Down On Her In New Lawsuit
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According to Spin Magazine, on Friday, January 5th, Bloomberg revealed that Grimes, as well as Azealia Banks, may have to testify in a lawsuit brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding Elon Musk and his controversial tweets from the summer of 2018.

As it was previously reported, in August, Elon announced he wanted to take his company private at approximately $420 per share, a decision widely condemned by people in the financial community, even by authoritative figures at the helm of his company.

In response to the controversy, Banks took to Instagram, as she normally does, to speak on Musk and his attorney-at-law, whom she claims has been unfairly targeting her. According to Azealia, she has "plenty more dirt to spill on Elon."

She wrote that it was "going to get ugly," and while she may be a "lot of things," she's not a liar. "Elon will learn very soon who is more powerful of us two," Azealia menacingly said. She then screenshotted an image of the court filing which has circulated in news articles.

Musk's attorney, Dean Kristy, discredited Hanks by pointing to her words on social media. As most know, Azealia is often very controversial in terms of who she feuds with, as well as the topics she discusses. In recent months, the star even claimed to have dirt on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

The court filing accuses Banks of enacting a "delirious critique of colonial wealth and racial privilege," and also suggested that Banks said Musk was like a caveman. Moreover, Banks said in a later Instagram Story that it wasn't her intention to get the entrepreneur in any more trouble.

Banks went on to say that she wants Elon to speak to her directly because it's all "getting out of hand." This won't be the first time Azealia has spoken about Elon. In the past, she posted a letter in which she apologized to the Tesla billionaire.

An added irrelevant but interesting fact: according to Azealia, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, supposedly mailed his beard hair to Banks, suggesting for her to make an amulet to protect him from "evildoers." Nick Bilton from Vanity Fair was the one to report that gem.

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