Ayesha Curry Shows Off Her Incredibly Toned Body After Dropping 35 Pounds!

Ayesha Curry Shows Off Her Incredibly Toned Body After Dropping 35 Pounds!
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Ayesha Curry has put a lot of work into her fitness and now she looks and feels amazing! The star has apparently dropped no less than 35 pounds and she is very proud of it!

Ayesha took to social media to show off her toned body and fans could not believe their eyes!

The chef and mother of three looks like a different person!

Not only that but she also opened up about the reason why she decided to go on a fitness journey in the same post.

The chef started to work on her fitness during this quarantine and the results are absolutely incredible!

The pics she shared show her in a sports bra and spandex shorts, her defined muscles visible all over!

In the caption, she wrote: ‘I started my fitness journey because I wanted to be strong and healthy for myself and for the people who depend on me. But it was important I did it my way, which meant that I needed working out to fit in my life, NOT to take me away from it. I hate the term balance, because I do not think there is any formula that works for everybody, but I believe that creating time for yourself to exercise is never time wasted.’

‘So I went to work finding ways to incorporate many healthy habits into my schedule, picked up a few tricks along the way (easy ten-minute workouts, fast healthy recipes, etc.).’

This comes after she previously revealed she was happy to having dropped 35 pounds back in May.

On her IG Stories, she told her followers that ‘I spent my entire 20s having babies, nursing babies. Now it’s my turn to nurse myself.’

Ayesha was also willing to tell her fans her secrets, sharing that she’s been working out a lot since January, doing ‘heavy HIIT, Hella cardio, floor work.’

Furthermore, she has changed her whole diet, with the exception of one cheat day on Sundays!

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