Ayesha Curry Shares The “Rash Decision” She Made While Battling Postpartum Depression

Ayesha Curry Shares The “Rash Decision” She Made While Battling Postpartum Depression
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Ayesha Curry is sharing the "rash decision" she made while battling postpartum depression after her second daughter, Ryan, was born.

In the new issue of Working Mother , the chef gets candid regarding how she felt about her body and life following the birth of her second child. Steph Curry's wife admits she made the rash decision to get a breast augmentation, but it did not turn out good for her at all.

"I didn't realize at the time, but after having Ryan, I was battling a bit of postpartum that lingered for a while. It came in the form of me being depressed about my body. So, I made a rash decision," the 30-year-old shared with the magazine.

The mother of three reveals at the time her thought process was to have her boobs lifted. However, Curry ended up with breasts much bigger than she wanted once the procedure was completed.

"The intention was just to have them lifted, but I came out with these bigger boobs I didn't want. I got the most botched boob job on the face of the planet. They're worse now than they were before." admitted The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well author.

Although her experience getting a boob job was botched, Curry remains an advocate for women having the right to do whatever they want to their body if it helps their self-confidence. She admits in the interview that she would never go under the knife again, but that is her prerogative, just like it is any other female’s.

Thankfully, Curry did not go through the same issues following the birth of her third child and only son, Canon. Having a successful career and raising her children has helped her gain a sense of confidence she had not previously endured.

Managing good work life and home life balance proved to be the best medicine for Curry, who has found her inner strength through being successful at those two things. It may not be the key to all mother's happiness, but it has allowed Curry to grow, feel secure and confident.

By telling her story involving rash decisions, plastic surgeries, and postpartum depression, Ayesha Curry is hoping to help other mothers realize everyone makes mistakes. She also wants women to know everyone lacks self-confidence, even those that may not appear to have issues on the outside.

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