Ayesha Curry Raves Over Husband Steph In Sweet Message On Their 8th Wedding Anniversary

Ayesha Curry Raves Over Husband Steph In Sweet Message On Their 8th Wedding Anniversary
Credit: Source: brides.com

Ayesha Curry and her husband, Steph have been married for no less than eight years and their anniversary was great reason for celebration since they still love each other very much. To mark the event, the woman posted a very sweet tribute to Steph on social media, for the whole world to see!

‘My baby, my love, my life. What can I say. This is us eight years married in, loving each other for eleven and we somehow still find reasons and things we love about each other every single day. Each day with you is the ultimate blessing. Getting to live life with you is an infinite sea of bliss. Through our ups and downs we just become stronger and that's the ultimate key,’ the sweet message reads.

It goes on to read: ‘When trauma becomes triumph you win! I love you forever and always constantly giving the ultimate glory to God. Here’s to 8!’

As for the pic that she attached alongside the love letter to her hubby, it featured the two of them in the car, all cozied up and taking a selfie.

They definitely looked very happy to be celebrating such an important day and the infinite love they have for one another was obvious.

Just as always, their pairs of striking green eyes stood out in the selfie that seemed to be taken by the man.

Ayesha kept updating her followers on IG stories and it seems like they had a really romantic night together.

Ayesha never shies away from showing affection to her husband, be it in their day to day life or on social media.

That being said, this is not the first time she gushed over the NBA star and it definitely won’t be the last!


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