Ayesha Curry Posts Adorable Throwback Photo From Her And Steph's First Date Over A Decade Ago!

Ayesha Curry Posts Adorable Throwback Photo From Her And Steph's First Date Over A Decade Ago!
Credit: Source: bustle.com

Here’s another super cute and envy-inducing post from one of the most ‘#goals’ couples in the whole entertainment industry! Ayesha Curry took to her IG to share a throwback pic from no less than 12 years ago that featured her and her current hubby, Steph Curry, on their very first date!

Ayesha posted the adorable photo that proved they were perfect for each other from day one as part of a new social media challenge known as the ‘first pic challenge.’

Seeing this was going around, the celeb could not help but share this really special photo from over a decade ago with her followers.’

As the caption, she wrote: ‘I don’t have a digital version of this. From our first REAL date.’

Sure enough, Ayesha’s makeup style at the time proves that the pic was indeed taken in the early 2000s since she was wearing bright blue eyeshadow, which was all the rage back then.

Not only that but she was also wearing a baby blue tank top to match!

That being said, the fashion is pretty much the only indicator of time passing because the pair has not changed at all in the last 12 years or so!

As for Steph, the sports star can be see looking into the camera and sticking his tongue out while having a very funny expression on his face.

They knew how to have fun from the beginning!

No wonder they were such a good match for each other and continue to have such a strong and loving relationship so many years later!

It seems like the beloved couple has been trying to keep distracted amid the coronavirus, COVID-19 quarantine.

That being said, reminiscing seems to be one of their favorite activities these days.

Of course, they have also been making more recent updates, showing their followers how they stay entertained together while stuck at home.


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