Ayesha Curry Addresses Explicit Photo Leak Of Steph Curry

Ayesha Curry Addresses Explicit Photo Leak Of Steph Curry
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Stephen and Ayesha Curry are having a great time this holiday season following a nude photo leak which supposedly depicts Stephen at his most vulnerable. On social media, Stephen's wife, Ayesha, cracked a cooking joke about Steph's "eggplant."

According to Page Six, during an Instagram Live session on Friday night, Curry joked about the new pictures and also sarcastically addressed the pictures of the star's private parts using a recipe inspired by the professional basketball player.

Ayesha joked that "for today's meal," she would go ahead and use all the ingredients at hand to make an "eggplant parmesan. Perfect right?" This past Friday morning, the alleged nude pictures of Steph were uploaded to Twitter, claims a report from USA Today.

As most know, California, in the last few years, has implemented and legislated quite serious revenge porn laws, that seek to punish those who publish nude photographs, images, videos, and audio of people online without their permission.

Perhaps one of the most common cases of revenge porn which actually went to trial concerned The OC actress, Mischa Barton, who later won in court against her ex-boyfriend. Mischa's ex-boyfriend tried to shop the images and videos of her around the city, and according to Barton, word got around quickly.

Paraphrasing what the actress later said in interviews, Hollywood is a small place and people in the industry often know each other. Mischa explained it wasn't hard to find out who the man was who tried to sell the content to porn companies around the city.

Additionally, Kim Kardashian was also the victim of a revenge porn case, allegedly. She later took it to court and sued Vivid Entertainment for several million dollars. However, some on social media argue the tape was leaked on purpose to further her career.

Coincidentally, the Kardashians started their reality television series right around the same time as the leaked tape. In the case of Steph Curry, however, sources claim this won't be the case. One person at the San Francisco Chronicle re-assured fans the pictures were definitely not of Mr. Curry. "Of course it's not him," the source stated.

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