Avril Lavigne Is Rated As The "Most Dangerous Celebrity" Online

Avril Lavigne Is Rated As The "Most Dangerous Celebrity" Online
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Avril Lavigne - the Canadian pop-star -  is the most dangerous public figure to search for online according to the company McAfee - an enterprise known for its cybersecurity programs. At the top of their list of most dangerous celebrities this year, Avril Lavigne takes the dubious top spot.

Their report revealed, "which stars generate the riskiest search results" exposing fans to websites with ill intentions.

McAfee explained in their paper consumers have an obsession with celebrities as well as celebrity culture and the hackers exploit this to their advantage.

Cybercriminals create ill-intentioned websites installed with malware allowing for the theft of personal information, banking data, as well as passwords.

The study has been conducted by the company for 11 years, and they want their users to know clicking links on disreputable sites can bring issues of many types.

Back in 2014, Lavigne fell off the scene for awhile due to Lyme disease, and since then, fans have claimed she has been different in her physical manner as well as in her art form.

The search for her music has contributed to her level of threat as well according to the enterprise.

Gary Davis, the chief consumer security expert, claimed, "in today's digital world, we want the latest hit albums," videos, tv, film, and more; people don't care about possible repercussions for their decisions.

Consumers want the information they want, and they want it now! He added, "consumers often prioritize their convenience over security by engaging in risky behavior" by clicking on suspicious links.

The enterprise reported that if a person searches for, "Avril Lavigne free mp3," the chance of them encountering a malevolent website sits at a whopping 22% chance. Avril outperformed Amy Schumer this year as the comedienne topped the list in 2016.

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