Avicii's Father Says His Son's Death Was A Lot Like A Car Accident

Avicii's Father Says His Son's Death Was A Lot Like A Car Accident
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According to a report from Page Six, Avicii's father believes it wasn't the DJ's plan to kill himself. Klas Bergling, Tim Bergling's father, said to reporters from CNN that he believes his son's death was a lot like a "traffic accident."

Klas said to the outlet that many things happened to Tim all at once, and it "brought him out of his control." Tragically, Klas said he spoke with his son on a regular basis about the nature of life, meditation, love, and so on and so forth, and he never considered the possibility of Tim taking his own life.

Speaking on what he believes led to his son's death, Bergling added that he thought his son was happy, however, his busy schedule as an artist and difficult lifestyle played a fundamental role in his tragic ending. Klas said, "As a DJ or an artist, you have to do a lot of things that you don't want to do, and in the end, that takes a part of you."

As it was previously reported, the DJ who created the song, "Wake Me Up," was found dead at the age of 28-years-old in Oman. Allegedly, Avicii's heavy touring schedule took a toll on his mental health and stressed him out immensely.

Bergling's father added that his son didn't feel happy when he was DJing anymore. Reportedly, Tim and his family's foundation they created in his honor, the Tim Bergling Foundation, was launched and seeks to help out those suffering from mental illness, as well as promoting suicide prevention practices.

As it was previously reported, Avicii took his own life on the 20th of April, 2018. In 2016, he retired from touring. During interviews toward the end of his life, Avicii said the culture surrounding the EDM scene was toxic and deleterious to a person's well-being and mental health, especially regarding the drug and alcohol use.

Released on the 6th of June, Avicii's family titled the record, Tim , and all the sales and proceeds from the record are going to the aforementioned Tim Bergling Foundation. The album went to number 11 on the Billboard 200 in the United States, and received mixed reviews, scoring a 58/100 from Metacritic.

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