Ava Sambora Stuns In New Pic And She Looks Like Her Mom Heather Locklear's Twin!

Ava Sambora Stuns In New Pic And She Looks Like Her Mom Heather Locklear's Twin!
Credit: Source: sheknows.com

This would definitely not be the first time that people are calling Ava Sambora her mother’s twin but it is safe to say that it seems more and more like the case every time she posts a new pic! The 22-year-old took to her platform to post a photo in which she resembled Heather Locklear perfectly and fans could not help but point that out and gush over it.

Ava can be seen rocking a black tank top in the snap and she also accessorized with gold jewelry just to make the outfit stand out more.

Her blonde hair was pulled to the side as she looked over her shoulder at the camera, looking like a professional model.

The photo was seemingly captured outside since she was in her driveway at the time.

In the caption, she playfully wrote: ‘How you doin’?’

Many users flooded her comment section with compliments such as: ‘omg stunning,’ and ‘you are so pretty.’

Ava is undeniably gorgeous and her own unique person but it is still very obvious just how much she’s inherited from her mom when it comes to her physical appearance.

Every time the young woman shares any posts on herself on social media, people never fail to point that out and it really seems like she doesn’t mind!

In fact, she most likely finds it all very flattering since Heather Locklear is a stunning woman too.

In May, Ava posted a number of pics, one of them featuring herself in a ‘Bon Jovi Forever’ shirt which was only fitting since her dad, Richie Sambora, has been the lead guitarist for Bon Jovi for almost three decades!

But that was not all! Acknowledging her resemblance to Heather , Ava also shared another pic of her mom dressed in the same shirt!

In the caption, she joked that ‘I got it from my mama (Like I literally got this shirt from my mom’s closet).’


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