Authorities Nab Actor Josh Henderson For Supposed Burglary

Authorities Nab Actor Josh Henderson For Supposed Burglary
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According to Entertainment Tonight, The Arrangement alum, Josh Henderson, was detained by the authorities on Tuesday in Los Angeles. The police, through video footage, caught Mr. Henderson, 37, robbing his neighbor's house.

Authorities got their hands on surveillance footage which appeared to show Josh and two other men robbing his neighbor's property. However, Josh and his attorney-at-law say that he has been mistakenly identified in the footage.

At the moment, the LAPD is looking at other surveillance video footage to prove whether Josh is guilty. Currently, the LAPD can't reveal precise details on what happened, or what was stolen, due to its relevancy in the police's investigation. It's a possibility that the police are holding the wrong guy.

TMZ reported that the neighbor of the actor came home one evening and noticed approximately $7,000 worth of jewelry was missing from the house. Josh's neighbor then called the police, who arrived at the home, looked at the security footage to discover Josh and two other individuals robbing the house.

A source who spoke with the publication claimed that Henderson was "mistakenly identified with a grainy security camera," but he's now fully cooperating with the authorities to ensure that it wasn't him who committed the crime.  The Arrangement  alum and his lawyer claimed they're doing everything in their power to prove Josh's innocence.

Josh and his lawyer said in a statement they are both certain of his innocence, and are immensely hopeful they can get out of this sticky situation.

After the reports came out, Josh was released from jail on a $50,000 bail. As fans of the actor know, he's most famous for his role on The Arrangement, Desperate Housewives , as well as the Dallas reboot. Josh also had a role in the Hallmark movie, Time For Me To Come Home For Christmas.

This isn't the only time a Hollywood entertainer has been nabbed for stealing jewelry and other equipment. Sean Young, most famous for her role in  Blade Runner  and  Ace Ventura,  was accused of stealing laptops and other expensive pieces of gear from the production crew. Whether the claims were true or not, it's definitely not a good look for one's reputation in Hollywood.

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