Austen Kroll Has Been Bonding With One Of The Newest Members Of The Southern Charm Crew

Austen Kroll Has Been Bonding With One Of The Newest Members Of The Southern Charm Crew
Credit: Source: Bravo

Move aside, Shep Rose. Austen Kroll is officially competing for Palmer Wimberly’s love and affection. Shep has been spending a lot of time with Cameran Eubanks’ 1-year-old daughter, but Kroll had Southern Charm fans gushing about his latest photo op with the adorable toddler.

In a recent Instagram post, Kroll shared a cute photo of him reading a story to Eubanks’ daughter called Where’s the Dog? Palmer is sitting in Kroll’s lap in the adorable pic, though we aren’t convinced he was the one doing the teaching.

“Palmer taking time out of her busy day to teach me how to read good,” he captioned the photo.

According to Bravo TV , Kroll has been bonding with several members of Southern Charm over the past few months. This includes Thomas Ravenel’s ex, Kathryn Dennis, who spent the most recent Thanksgiving holiday with Kroll and his family.

As Southern Charm fans will recall, Dennis shared a photo of her posing with Kroll outside of his home over the holiday. In the caption, she thanked Kroll for being a good friend and revealed that she had a great time with him and his family.

Considering everything Dennis was going through at the time, it was great to see Kroll surround her with plenty of support.

Kroll shared a heartfelt message on social media after the festivities as well. The Southern Charm star thanked his family for a great time and for forcing him to go out on the town for once. He then shared photos from the group outing, which included some amazing pics of his siblings.

Kroll joined the cast of Southern Charm back in Season 4 and has quickly become a fan favorite. After all, who doesn’t like a man who can bond with a 1-year-old like that?

Bravo has not announced when the new season of Southern Charm will premiere, but we are definitely looking forward to seeing Austen Kroll in action when the series returns.


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