August Alsina Insists He ‘Doesn’t Regret’ Romance With Jada Pinkett Smith - Here's Why!

August Alsina Insists He ‘Doesn’t Regret’ Romance With Jada Pinkett Smith - Here's Why!
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Despite how much his ‘entanglement’ with Jada Pinkett Smith has disrupted social media and the Smiths’ peace and quiet, August Alsina has no regrets! The man made it clear that he could ‘never regret being given the gift of experience and love,’ during a new interview for Vulture.

This comes after the actress herself addressed their past relationship, calling it nothing more than an ‘entanglement.’

However, it clearly seems like the 27 year old singer perceived their romance differently and he regrets nothing!

‘I don’t regret it because I just know that on this planet, there's not much harmony, and there's not much love, so when you are actually given love, real love that you have never experienced, it's a gift. No matter how complex or hard it might be to face or whatever, that is the gift. It has been a blessing to me, even the hard parts of it,’ August Alsina shared with the news outlet.

It all started with Alsina dishing about his involvement with the married Jada Pinkett Smith while a guest on The Breakfast Club.

That being said, he told host Angela Yee at the time that ‘I totally gave myself to this relationship for years and really, really, deeply loved and I have a ton of love for her. I devoted myself to it. I gave my full self to it.’

Judging by what he had to say in this new interview, as well as the initial one, it really feels like the singer is very grateful for the experience he got to have loving and being loved by Jada during her brief separation from husband Will Smith.

‘There is no right or wrong here and with that, there is no regret. There is nothing to regret here because it is not something I went searching for. I don’t go after people’s girls. No one preyed on me. It just was. So I do not feel any reason to have regrets. Every lesson, every, every relationship, every experience's a blessing. You learn from it, whether it's good or bad. I could never say I regret being given the gift of experience and love. It is a lesson,’ he stressed.


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