Audrina Patridge Claims ‘Abusive’ Husband ‘Pushed’ Her While She Carried Infant Daughter

Audrina Patridge Claims ‘Abusive’ Husband ‘Pushed’ Her While She Carried Infant Daughter

Audrina Patridge has opened up about her domestic violence accusations against estranged husband and claimed he was aggressive and physically abused her while she was carrying their 15-month-old baby daughter Kirra Max! The woman revealed that earlier this month, Corey Bohan was very angry during an argument and he started following her around the house and cussing.

According to Patridge, Bohan pushed her while she was carrying their child and proceeded to punch the wall and even hit himself repeatedly.

He was so scary that the baby started crying even though the concerned mother tried to cover her eyes and ears.

Afterwards, he ran downstairs where he got a metal canister, threatening to bash his own head in.

Audrina took their daughter, went to her mother’s and then texted him the suicide prevention number, scared that he’d end up making a huge mistake and hurt himself more.

The star claimed the man had hinted at taking his own life before.

In addition, he would always get way too jealous and possessive every time she’d be away from home, even if she was at work.

‘[He was] jealous I was out with other people, accused me of partying and cheating on him, and threatened to kill himself,’ Patridge stated.

Audrina is scared the obsessive and abusive man would kidnap Kirra and take her to Australia, where his relatives live.

After less than a year of being married, Audrina filed for divorce from Corey, yesterday, September 20.


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