Aubrey O'Day Reveals She Hooked Up With A Guy On Ex On The Beach -- Brags That He's 'Bigger' Than DJ Pauly D

Aubrey O'Day Reveals She Hooked Up With A Guy On Ex On The Beach -- Brags That He's 'Bigger' Than DJ Pauly D
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Aubrey O'Day has been making multiple headlines lately. From her slamming Wendy Williams to attacking Diddy's managerial skills and professing that Donald Trump Jr is her soul mate -- Aubrey isn't shy to say what's on her mind.

While speaking to TooFab, she opened up about her experience on Ex On The Beach, an MTV show where you decide if you want to find love with an ex or move on.

At first, O'Day admitted that she was disappointed by the lack of star power when she arrived. However, as she got to know the reality TV alums and social media stars, she started to like them.

Viewers saw her make a connection with hunky Mark Jansen before his ex came to cause drama. Although she doesn't spill on who it is that she ends up getting cozy to, the Danity Kane singer revealed that she hooked up with a guy while on the show.

'Yeah, I'll give you a little spoiler. I did. And it was way bigger than Pauly's!'

If you've been watching the series you'd know that Aubrey considers herself a born again virgin because she hasn't been intimate in over a year. O'Day explained why.

'I was just at a time in my life where I took a year and two months off of everything after my toxic relationship with Pauly. He cheated so much and sex became something that was like overused in the relationship to get him to not cheat on me, the weekend when he left, every weekend. It lost its purpose and sincerity. So like, I just cut it out cause I needed to like restructure as a person.'

For the record, the Jersey Shore star has denied cheating on Aubrey during both Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars and A Double Shot At Love.

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  • Krissy
    Krissy Jul 25, 2019 3:10 PM PDT

    The more I read and see of Aubrey , the more it’s clear that she needs to stay away from the quick, speed , reality show dating and focus on finding herself and what she needs to fix within herself before stringing anyone else along. Happiness comes from within ourselves first and foremost .

  • Leo
    Leo Jul 25, 2019 6:37 AM PDT

    If this is real and not contrived by their agents, I'd say he's better off without her. Who says that? Show some respect.

  • Mia
    Mia Jul 24, 2019 9:34 PM PDT

    Appears that Aubrey has gained some weight. If not, well then something's different here. Either way, she needs to Stop living in the Fast lane and slow down abit bec she's still too young to age this early. And Yes, both of these things are starting to show now. . She also needs to "Move on" already! After all, all of her Ex's have! Lastly, anyone searching for love and Always ending up w the Same results time after time, u then need to start looking into Yourself and asking, "Why?" I think deep inside Aubrey is lonely and sad and if she Doesn't fix the problem she will end up Alone, forever..

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