Aubrey O’Day Details Donald Trump Jr. Affair On New Season Of MTV’s Ex On The Beach

Aubrey O’Day Details Donald Trump Jr. Affair On New Season Of MTV’s Ex On The Beach
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Aubrey O'Day will reportedly detail her affair with Donald Trump Jr. on the Season 3 premiere of the MTV show, Ex On The Beach .

It has been over a year since reports first surfaced that O'Day was romantically involved with Trump Jr., while he was still married to Vanessa Trump. The affair reportedly happened while Vanessa was pregnant with the couple's fourth child.

Neither O'Day nor Trump Jr. have spoken publicly about the rumors or even confirmed them, until now. A source close to Hollywood Life is reporting the singer will finally admit to the affair on the upcoming new season of the infamous MTV show.

She is no longer staying quiet about the romance she carried on with Trump Jr. from 2011-2012. The unnamed source shared that not only does O'Day list him as one of her ex-lovers, but she also calls him her "soulmate.'

If that juicy tidbit of information isn't enough to lure fans to the two-hour premiere episode, the singer will also reportedly throw serious shade at Trump Jr.'s current girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle. O'Day refers to the woman as "crazy looking," and that is just the beginning.

There is more drama as O'Day finally admits publicly to having an affair with Trump Jr. She gets candid about her hopes he is the ex that she is stuck with on the beach because she would love another shot at making the relationship work.

Oh yes, it appears the blonde beauty still has a thing for Trump Jr., even though the romance ended over five years ago. FYI, he does not make an appearance on the show, but man that would have made for great TV.

Ex On The Beach features cast members from various reality TV shows living with their exes on a gorgeous island. It is your typical fun, trashy, guilty pleasure and MTV knows how to hook fans in from the second a show premieres.

Aubrey O'Day is reportedly going to dish on her affair with Donald Trump Jr. finally this season on Ex On The Beach. She has hinted in the past there was a romance, but this is the first time the singer will admit to it.


All the juicy drama begins next Tuesday, July 16th at 8 PM. Who is going to be tuning in to see just how much the singer dishes on the troubled Trump Jr. as well as his girlfriend and ex-wife?


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