Aubrey O’Day Claps Back At Wendy Williams For Making Comments About Her Plastic Surgery

Aubrey O’Day Claps Back At Wendy Williams For Making Comments About Her Plastic Surgery
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After Wendy Williams made some comments about Aubrey O’Day’s plastic surgery, the woman clapped back, obviously bothered by it! She took to her Twitter to call Wendy out even though it was the talk show host’s birthday!

‘Ma, u got so much to say when I am not sitting in front of you, why don’t u be a real one and run your mouth just like this face to face. I dare you. I’ll clear my f***ing calendar.’

The tweet was in response to the shade Wendy previously threw on Thursday’s episode of her show.

As fans know, Wendy has a segment titled Hot Topics during which she usually disses and shades people, so in a way, she was just doing her job?

While before and after pics of Aubrey were shown behind her on the screen, Wendy asked her producers: ‘What did she use to look like? She is really young. You do not start doing that stuff until you get to a certain age. She is going to have to keep up all of that filler and work and stuff.’

Obviously, Aubrey did not appreciate the comments about her comments even though Wendy also said during that episode that ‘I love her, she’s been here on the show.’

But her going under the knife was not even why she became a hot topic so maybe those comments were a bit uncalled for.

The real reason why Wendy decided to talk about her was the fact that Aubrey spoke out against Diddy after he revealed that he was bringing Making the Band back.

Since it was where Aubrey found fame, she responded to questions about Danity Kane possibly reuniting.

‘You know he can’t finish any artist he starts,’ Aubrey dissed Diddy.

Wendy disagreed and said: ‘Listen, Aubrey. He might not have finished with Danity Kane, but maybe that is because you were not as big as you thought you were.’

Then she went on to name a number of big artists that Diddy created, including Mary J. Blige, Lil’ Kim, Biggie Smalls, Machine Gun Kelly and more!

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