Attorney Gloria Allred Claims A Third Tape Depicting R. Kelly Has Been Revealed

Attorney Gloria Allred Claims A Third Tape Depicting R. Kelly Has Been Revealed
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According to a new report from TMZ and The Washington Post, a nursing assistant rummaging through a collection of VHS tapes found what he thought was a live concert of R. Kelly, but it turned out to be a video of the R & B singer having sexual intercourse with underage girls.

The man's attorney said today, on Sunday, March 10th, that he and his client had turned over the tape to local authorities. Gloria Allred, Gary Dennis' attorney-at-law, was the one to turn over the recording to the police.

During a news conference in NY, neither Gloria nor Gary spoke on specific details of the tape. Allegedly, the recording shows a video of the artist abusing a girl, an incident actually separate from the 10 charges of aggravated sexual abuse in Chicago.

However, Gloria said she couldn't verify for certain if it really was R. Kelly on the videotape. Kelly's lawyer, Steven Greenberg, doubted the possibility of the tape's authenticity. In an email, Greenberg said it simply looked like a black man on tape; it's not his client.

The singer has denied repeatedly that he has been in any recordings with underaged girls. Greenberg stated it "was obvious" that now people are just coming out of the woodwork to accuse Kelly of crimes he didn't commit.

Reportedly, Dennis, who works as an assistant in a nursing home, was at home cleaning out a box of old videotapes in his Pennsylvania home when he found the footage.

The videotape was labeled with the singer's name. It isn't clear how the home is connected to Kelly, or whether he has ever been anywhere near it. It also isn't clear if R. Kelly is connected to Dennis at all either.

"He was sexually abusing underaged African-American girls." The man said he was "disgusted" as well as "horrified" when he saw what was on the tape. Currently, the singer is facing charges involving three previously underage girls and one woman.

For decades, Kelly has been marred repeatedly by allegations of abusing young women, including an attempted marriage to singer Aaliyah when she was underage. The marriage was later canceled by the late singer's parents.

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