Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms Addresses The Death Of Rayshard Brooks - Relevant Footage Surfaces

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms Addresses The Death Of Rayshard Brooks - Relevant Footage Surfaces
Credit: Page Six

As you probably know by now, following the tragic murder of George Floyd, another tragedy took place, and another man died. Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Bottoms just addressed the death of Rayshard Brooks and updated people on what happens to the officer who is responsible.

'Atlanta Mayor #KeishaLanceBottoms addresses the death of #RayshardBrooks and confirms the immediate firing of the officer responsible. She also announces changes that will be implemented to the Atlanta Police Department and how they deal with local residents when responding to calls. 🎥: (@cityofatlantaga).' The Shade Room captioned their post.

Someone said: 'Black men are dropping like flies. No one walking this earth is perfect. He may had made a mistake but why should it cost him his life? Condolences to the family and every other family affected by situations like these. ✊🏾'

A follower posted this message: 'Can and should is a good play on words.'

TSR also shared a video just before the man died: 'Moments before #RayshardBrooks was sadly shot and killed, he was seen upbeat and cooperating with Atlanta police officers who initially questioned him about being intoxicated,' TSR captioned their clip.

Another commenter posted this: 'They had sooo many options! They could’ve said, “ you can call somebody to come get you” or “we can take you home and your call will be towed”. They always trying to throw somebody in the system.'

One other person said: 'He really was fighting for his life then that man knew they WANTED to kill him,' while someone else believes that 'This what they didn’t want us to see! He was fighting for his life!'

Someone else said: 'Nothing is gonna change until we start fighting back sad violence is what it comes too,' and a commenter wrote: 'I’m devastated! I feel like this was a slap in the face after everything we just did a week ago🗣'

What do you think about this case?


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