Associate Of A$AP Rocky Ian Connor Accused Of Sexual Assault By 33 Women

Associate Of A$AP Rocky Ian Connor Accused Of Sexual Assault By 33 Women
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Hot New Hip Hop reported today that approximately 33 women have accused Ian Connor of rape. The artist jokingly supported the petition asking A$AP Rocky to stop working with him after a number of women accused him of sexual assault.

On Twitter this week, Ian was trending on Twitter but for all the wrong reasons. Mr. Connor has previously been accused of rape by approximately 21 women, although, the allegations against him were reportedly never taken that seriously.

Since then, the accusations have risen to 33, and Ian has responded by laughing at them on his social media account. On his Twitter account, Ian wrote that people could make the number 31, 78, or even 1000, and he would still laugh in amusement.

For the entire evening, Connor continued to fight back against the social media backlash amid people who have been trying to cancel him. Ian joked that he would give up half of his bank account if they could cancel him "successfully."

He wrote, "I say this with the utmost composure and conscious mind."Not long before then, Ian also responded to other people by laughing at their purported gullibility. He said that just because people see something on the internet, it must be true.

Connor wrote again, "I'm actually gay. I sold my soul to back on top. I'm illuminated." After some time, Connor went on to half-heartedly apologize to people online, saying that he shouldn't be making fun of people on the internet.

He wrote that he was going to get off the internet for a little while. This isn't the only controversy A$AP Rocky's crew has found themselves in over the last year. A$AP Rocky, himself, was at the center of an international controversy when he was arrested in Sweden after he got into a fight with a 19-year-old.

The rapper said he and his crew were bothered by a young man, who they later got into a fight with. It was documented on his social media account. A$AP Rocky was held in jail for several weeks before his eventual release.

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