Asian Doll Reveals What She Did For King Von's Kids Over The Christmas Holidays

Asian Doll Reveals What She Did For King Von's Kids Over The Christmas Holidays
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In November 2020, it was reported by a number of outlets that the rapper, King Von, 26, was murdered while hanging out with his friends at an Atlanta hookah bar. The news sent the hip-hop community into disarray and sadness, with many of his cohorts reflecting on the artist's tragic passing.

Asian Doll, for instance - who was once in a relationship with the deceased rapper - paid tribute to him a number of times over the last few weeks. In fact, Asian Da Brat (also called Asian Doll), was even accused of using his death for clout.

Whether that's true or not, Asian Doll reportedly spent time with the deceased rapper's kids over the Christmas holidays. Reportedly, this all comes after the news that Asian Doll had begun referring to himself as Queen Von.

Hot New Hip Hop reported this weekend that Asian Doll actually spent over $7,000 on the rapper's kids. Oddly enough, Asian Doll also claimed she decided not to post about it, while simultaneously posting about it at the same time.

This is probably what sparked her to delete the social media post in the end. As it was previously reported, King Von was murdered in November outside of a nightlife establishment in Atlanta, Georgia - it was around the same time as the death of Mo3.

Since his passing, Von has been the subject of many commemorations and tributes on social media, including from Asian Doll - who also goes by the name Asian Da Brat.

However, as it was noted already above, people such as DJ Akademiks have speculated that the rapper was merely using his death for attention and publicity. Akademiks claimed he spoke with someone in his crew who said King Von didn't want anything to do with her.


Additionally, King Von was in the headlines over the holidays when it was reported that Lil' Durk had been spending time with his children. Lil' Durk and King Von were great friends in the years leading up to his death.

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