Asian Doll Opens Up About Finding Out About King Von's Death -- Says He Was Her First Love

Asian Doll Opens Up About Finding Out About King Von's Death -- Says He Was Her First Love
Credit: Source: Complex

King Von was murdered last year after what was believed to be an altercation that quickly and tragically went left with another rapper's crew. His on-again off-again girlfriend, Asian Doll , appeared on Taraji P. Henson's Facebook Watch show where she opened up about the grief she has been dealing with since the passing of the rapper.

Taraji knows Asian's pain considering the father of her child was also senselessly murdered when he was 34 making her a single mother. Henson ended up a successful actress who was able to support her family all on her own.

Although Doll does not have any children, she is looking out for her late boyfriend's kids after his death. She even spent time with them on Christmas and gave them thousands of dollars.

She has been open about feeling empty since Von's death on her social media profiles. Her fans have been worried about her mental health and she's gone on Instagram Live many times talking about the depression she feels even though she has to make appearances to earn money to support herself and her family.

Asian opened up what happened the day it was announced that King Von had been shot in a preview of Peace Of Mind with Taraji. She found out from the daughter of a nurse that got in contact with her.

'My whole world just crashed. I had never felt a feeling like that. It’s like I was just broken.'

She started to cry as Taraji comforted her. The 24-year-old also explained the state of their relationship when her beau was taken from her.

'I want to say like six days before he passed away, we had broken up and I was real hard on him. I was not trying to see him. I did not want to see him at all.'

She heartbreakingly admitted that Von was her first real boyfriend and her first love.

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