Ashton Kutcher Says Wife Mila Kunis Convinced Him Not To Go To Space With Richard Branson!

Ashton Kutcher Says Wife Mila Kunis Convinced Him Not To Go To Space With Richard Branson!
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The actor revealed that he was planning on joining Richard Branson on his next space mission but after a serious discussion about it with his wife and fellow actress, Mila Kunis, he decided against it! Here's how Mila and the rest of his family talked Ashton Kutcher out of it!

That's right! Ashton Kutcher was apparently supposed to join Branson on his next Virgin Galactic ship but don't expect to hear about the actor in space anytime soon because he's had a change of heart about it.

Only a few days after the billionaire went to space for the first time, Ashton revealed he had a ticket for the next ship leaving Earth.

During an interview for Cheddar News, he dished that 'When I got married and had our kids, my wife encouraged it was not a smart family decision to be heading into space when we have such young children, so I ended up just selling my ticket back to Virgin Galactic. I was supposed to be on the next flight, but I won't be on the next flight.'

However, it may not happen as soon as he was hoping initially but that's not to say that Kutcher has given up his dream of going to space completely.

The actor stressed that 'at some point, I'll be going to space.'

As for Richard, the billionaire CEO said, while on board of his first intergalactic flight, that:

'Now I am looking down at our beautiful spaceport. Congratulations to everyone for creating such a beautiful, beautiful place. Congratulations to all our team at Virgin Galactic for 17 years of hard work to get us this far.'


This first voyage off Earth means that Branson has won the so-called space race against fellow billionaires such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos who are also gearing up for their own space travels.

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