Ashton Kutcher Reportedly Had A 'Snarky' Text For Demi Moore's Recent Allegations

Ashton Kutcher Reportedly Had A 'Snarky' Text For Demi Moore's Recent Allegations
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According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Ashton Kutcher recently revealed why he was cut out of the movie, Elizabethtown, which came out in 2005. Created by Cameron Crowe, the movie was supposed to star the 41-year-old actor but he was removed at the last minute and was replaced with Orlando Bloom, the Pirates of The Carribean star.

During an episode of First We Feast's Hot Ones , the actor discussed the movie which he was never in. Kutcher said to the host that he was actually "fired" from the production, and replaced with Orlando, who then portrayed the character, Drew.

Even though Kutcher has taken full responsibility for being fired, Crowe apparently desired Orlando Bloom in the role right from the beginning of the movie. Reported by E! News, Ashton said, "Yeah, I'll say fired, sure."

According to Ashton, Cameron wanted him to start working on it after he cast him, and he wanted to see Ashton work through the rehearsals all the way. The actor claimed he wasn't "disciplined enough as an actor" to actually put the plan into practice, therefore, he never was able to show him the character to the best of his ability.

There came a point, the actor explained, when he and Cameron knew it just wasn't going to work. Moreover, Orlando Bloom had just become available at that time as well. As most know, Ashton has been all over the news once again following the release of Demi's new memoir, Inside Out.

In her book, Demi claims Ashton had cheated on her with another woman while they were married. Moreover, she insinuated their breakup led her to her subsequent collapse into drugs and alcohol after twenty years of being sober.

Once the memoir was out and the allegations were unveiled, Ashton took to his Twitter account to say that he had a nice "snarky" tweet to type out, but instead, he chose to look at his wife and kids instead.

The That 70s Show alum stated, "then I saw my son, daughter, and wife, and I deleted it."

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