Ashton Kutcher Announces The Ranch Is Ending Did Danny Masterson’s Firing Cause The Netflix Show’s Demise?

Ashton Kutcher Announces The Ranch Is Ending Did Danny Masterson’s Firing Cause The Netflix Show’s Demise?
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Ashton Kutcher broke the news to fans his Netflix show The Ranch is ending after the upcoming fourth season. He used Twitter to reveal the door was closing on the show but not sharing the reason for it ending.

Kutcher went on to explain fans will get 20 more episodes of the sitcom before saying good-bye. Since its premiere in 2016, the show has aired in two parts each year, ten episodes per part. The father of two let fans know the first batch of final episodes will be released later this year, with the last ten airing sometime in 2020.

The Ranch also stars Sam Elliott and Elisha Cuthbert. Original cast member Debra Winger only appeared during a handful of episodes each season after the first one. She admitted last fall to Andy Cohen the show was filming season four but did not reveal if she would be back or not.

Fans fell in love with the comedy when it first premiered. However, when Danny Masterson was let go by Netflix amid allegations of sexual assault against the actor, outraged fans planned to boycott the show.

Even before the episodes without Masterson aired fans were vocal the show would not be the same without Rooster, the character he played since The Ranch debuted. The first batch of episodes minus Rooster aired last December to mixed reviews.

Now that the news of the cancelation has hit social media, most viewers agree, the show could not sustain without one of its most central characters.

"Not the same without esRooster. @dannymasterson" Tweeted Frankie

"When @dannymasterson was removed from the show, we quit watching it. Due process matters," shared Sean Smith

"Probably won't watch it. Wasn't the same without Rooster," wrote Matt G

"I'm so upset this never would happened if y'all have kept Rooster," Tweeted Cody

The Ranch is ending after season four, but many fans argue it ended when Rooster reportedly died in a motorcycle accident in the middle of season three. Although Dax Shepard was brought in to play a new character when Masterson was fired, his character Luke did not fill the void fans felt Rooster's demise left.

Since neither Ashton Kutcher nor Netflix gave a reason why the show was saying good-bye, the show’s demise could very well be because fans were upset over losing Masterson. Fans are certainly in agreement that despite Kutcher and Elliot being stellar on the sitcom, the tone of the show changed without Rooster bantering with Colt and Beau.


What do you think, was the demise of The Ranch caused by Netflix ousting Masterson?


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