Ashley Walters Said Marilyn Manson Would Offer Her To Others For Sex When He Was Her Boss

Ashley Walters Said Marilyn Manson Would Offer Her To Others For Sex When He Was Her Boss
Credit: Source: Ashley Walters/Instagram


Ashley Walters is one of the four women who joined Evan Rachel Wood on February 1, 2021, in accusing the Grammy-nominated shock rocker Marilyn Manson of abuse . Unlike Evan and several of the other women making claims, Ashley was not Marilyn's girlfriend or romantic partner, but was his employee. Marilyn Manson has denied all the abuse allegations against him in a blanket statement that he posted on Instagram where he stated that all of his relationships were consensual. Ashley released a statement where she addressed some workplace conditions she endured and from her point of view, it blurred the line between friend and employee.

Like many other women who are alleging Marilyn Manson abused them, Ashley said that he reached out to her in 2010 to work on a project together. Marilyn is an artist, and it's natural that artistic people make up his inner circle. He is married to photographer Lindsay Usich, and Ashley Walters is also a fellow photographer. She says that Manson reached out to her to work on a project together and she was thrilled for the opportunity as she had been a fan of his work. One can only imagine how excited Ashley must have been to look at her social media account and see that Marilyn Manson had reached out to her and offered her a position. Now, many of the women who are speaking out say that Marilyn Manson regularly approached women on social media sites as part of his 'grooming' process.

Ashley describes having a six-month friendship with Marilyn Manson in which he gained her trust and then asked her to come work for him full time as his personal assistant. This time period varies a bit from the women who allege Manson approached them, then moved very quickly with them in a romantic relationship. Those women discuss a period of approximately two weeks in which Manson began declaring his love and invited them to move in with him in his home. Again, Manson denies all wrongdoing and says he never abused the women, but their relationships were consensual.

During Ashley's and Marilyn Manson's friendship, they became so close they got matching tattoos. She described Manson as family but says as soon as she began working for him, things changed.

Ashley says that once she became his personal assistant, his control and alleged abuse of her accelerated. She alleges he would publicly humiliate and berate her, isolated her from her friends and family, and the relationship quickly became extremely toxic.

Ashley has accused Marilyn Manson of using mind control and torture tactics to control her and describes terrifying practices of using sound frequencies that would evoke physical reactions of sickness, including nausea in the listener.

She shared the following statement as an example of the psychological abuse she said Manson would inflict upon her and others in his inner circle.

It felt like I was his property because [he] would offer me up for sexual encounters to please potential collaborators or friends and bragged that he could do so.

Ashley didn't elaborate further or explain whether Marilyn Manson had put her, his employee, in actual sexual situations with his friends or interested business partners or if sexual activity ever took place. Ashley stated she contacted his management team on multiple occasions, but to no avail.

You may see Ashley Walters' full statement beginning at the 20:58 mark in the video player below.

What do you think about Ashley Walters' statement and allegations that Marilyn Manson would offer her to his business partners and friends for sex when he was her boss?


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