Ashley Tisdale Opens Up About Removing Her Implants And Going On A 'Self-Love' Journey!

Ashley Tisdale Opens Up About Removing Her Implants And Going On A 'Self-Love' Journey!
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Plastic surgery is, ironically enough, rarely just about the outside appearance of someone! That being said, Ashley Tisdale is the latest celebrity to open up about what it meant to her and how things changed when she decided to remove her breast implants!

The High School Musical actress confessed that this post on Instagram was her ‘most personal yet,’ but she really felt like she needed to say what she needed to say!

Ashley told her followers that after she removed the implants just last winter, she found herself on a new journey of ‘self-acceptance and self-love.’

The celeb was brave enough to get candid about some of her mental health struggles in hopes of helping and inspiring others going through similar things.

Ashley Tisdale wrote about some of her darkest moments but also how this one change to her body helped her start a new journey towards achieving self-love.

Alongside a pic of Ashley rocking a floral bathing suit at the beach, she wrote: ‘As you know, I have been really open about my mental health journey and I feel that this is just as equally important. Years ago I underwent breast enhancement surgery. Prior to that, I constantly felt like my body was less than, and thought that this change would make me feel more whole and secure about myself. And for a short period of time…it did.’

The celeb went on to reveal that after a while, however, she started to experience health problems that she suspected could have been caused by the implants, so she decided to remove them!


After she did get rid of them, the actress went on a journey ‘of growth, self-discovery, self-acceptance and most importantly, of self-love. This picture was taken two months after my explant surgery and I think that you can tell how happy I am to be finally fully me.’

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