Ashley Martson Says She Feels 'Relieved' After Her Jay Smith Divorce Filing

Ashley Martson Says She Feels 'Relieved' After Her Jay Smith Divorce Filing
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After filing for divorce from Jay Smith, 90 Day Fiance star, Ashley Martson feels ‘relieved.’ The reality TV celeb told all about it during an interview with HollywoodLife.

The woman claimed that the reason cited in the divorce filing was that Jay cheating on her.

‘I was hurt for about a month but I am over it now. I am just ready to move on with my life. It was a rough month but we got through it,’ Ashley told the news outlet.

Asked whether or not there is any chance of getting back together with Jay, Ashley made it very clear that her answer is ‘No. Absolutely not.’

She shared that at this time, she may not be dating but there is a friend that might become something more and she’s also keeping her options open.

But the woman does not regret her experience on the show and would actually do it all over again.

After the divorce filing, she mentioned that ‘It’s exciting to get out and not be super miserable anymore and just to get out and have a good time.’

As fans of 90 Day Fiance remember, Ashley and Jay met during the sixth season of the show but it obviously did not last.

Ashley was at a Jamaican club for a pal’s wedding when they first met.

It may be a sad thing when a romance ends but if they are happier out of the relationship, it’s obviously the best decision.

As for how they reached the decision to get a divorce, the audience will be able to see it all unravel on their screens on the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airing tomorrow.


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