Ashley Judd Suffers Horrible Fall In Congolese Jungle

Ashley Judd Suffers Horrible Fall In Congolese Jungle
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A new report from Page Six this weekend revealed that Ashley Judd nearly lost her leg while on a conservation work trip in the Congolese rainforest. The outlet says Judd suffered a "catastrophic fall" that nearly led to a severed limb.

During an appearance on IG Live, Ashley said to Nicholas Kristof from the New York Times that her way out of the jungle to a South African ICU operating table was a "harrowing 55 hours." Ashley, who has largely disappeared from the limelight since she came forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of assault back in 2017, was in the Congo on a conservation mission to help the endangered species of the bonobo.

While searching with her group, she tripped over a large tree and busted her leg in four different places.  Apparently, it wasn't a great experience for Judd, who says she was screaming like a "wild animal" while being taken to a hospital miles and miles away.

While biting down on a stick, Judd explained, she had to repeat passages from the Bible as a way of keeping her mind occupied.  She cited "the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want" while being trucked back to the nearest village.

Additionally, Judd felt it was necessary to say that she obviously had a lot of privilege because a regular Congolese person wouldn't have had the money or the resources to get themselves out of the jungle. She added that they probably would've lost their leg at the least and possibly even their life.

In another post on Instagram, Ashley shared how she managed to have disaster insurance which gave her the ability to get to an operating table in South Africa, a luxury that a Congolese person wouldn't have access to. Ashley went on to say that many villages in the Congo don't have pain killers or electricity either.

Judd finished off her post by saying that there were another 25,600,000 people in the Congo who need humanitarian assistance and don't have access to medical care. This wouldn't be the first time Ashley has discussed social justice. The last time we heard from Ashley Judd was when she called out Harvey Weinstein for supposedly blaming the victims whom he was charged with assaulting.

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