Ashley Jacobs Reveals Why She And Disgraced 'Southern Charm' Star Thomas Ravenel Broke Up

Ashley Jacobs Reveals Why She And Disgraced 'Southern Charm' Star Thomas Ravenel Broke Up
Credit: Source: Page Six

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel are officially no more. Jacobs took to social media to confirm that she is no longer dating the disgraced Southern Charm star, who is currently facing criminal charges in a sexual assault case involving his former nanny.

Jacobs made the announcement while responding to fans on social media. After several fans asked Jacobs why she was still with Ravenel , she calmly stated, "Thomas and I aren’t together. I wish him the best though."

The questions about Jacobs' romance were asked after Ravenel bashed his former girlfriend on Instagram . Ravenel turned on Jacobs after she criticized Kathryn Dennis for lying about her sobriety.

Ravenel told the world that he wants nothing to do with Jacobs and her "horrendous behavior." He also slammed her for being "hateful" towards Dennis, with whom he shares two children: Kensie and Saint.

Jacobs and Ravenel were together on the latest season of Southern Charm . Their romance fizzled out this summer, but rumors quickly surfaced that they had reunited. In fact, the two were spotted hanging out as recently as October, which seemingly confirmed that they were back together.

We do not know why the two were hanging out last month, but it sounds like Jacobs has moved on.

According to The Hollywood Gossip , Ravenel is facing a serious lawsuit on top of the criminal charges. His former nanny, Dawn, is suing him for an unspecified amount of money. The case is expected to get underway by next month at the latest.

Very little details have been released about the lawsuit, but it might shed some light on why Ravenel fired Dawn in the first place.

Apart from the suit, Ravenel was accused of sexually assaulting Dawn while she was watching his children. The disgraced Southern Charm star is scheduled to appear in court over the next few months and is facing serious jail time if convicted.

Thomas Ravenel has not responded to Ashley Jacobs' most recent post.

New episodes of Southern Charm return in 2019.


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  • Debbie
    Debbie Nov 21, 2018 1:15 PM PST

    It’s a shame the Thomas has shamed his family and children. It will be a burden they have to carry the rest of their lives. I am glad that he will not returning to Southern Charm to add insult to the injury he has already caused by his behavior. He grew up feeling entitled to anything he wanted and apparently has not used good judgement in his life. What a blemish on true “Southern Gentlemen”. I hope that the show will raise their moral standards , and not act like a bunch of careless adults.

  • Regina
    Regina Nov 21, 2018 12:20 PM PST

    It goes to show how disfunical, Thomas and Ashley really are with there on again off again relationship if that is what anyone would call would think with all that is going on Thomas would keep a very low profile instead of putting him self in any kind of spotlight...

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