Ashley Groussman Files Restraining Order Against Tom Arnold

Ashley Groussman Files Restraining Order Against Tom Arnold
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The Blast claims that Ashley Groussman, Tom Arnold's former wife, acquired a court-ordered restraining order against him after he refused to return their kids to her home following the permitted amount of custody time.

The aforementioned publication, who got their hands on the court documents, describes Ashley as accusing Tom of the behavior described above. Ashley said in the papers that she had to phone the police to get her kids back.

According to the court documents, the incident occurred on the 3rd of January when Arnold didn't want to bring back their two kids, Quinn and Jax, to her home. Apparently, he wanted her to come to pick them up, instead of driving them to her house.

Ashley claims that their custody agreement mandates that the parent must drop off the children at the end of the custodial period. Groussman claims she isn't "comfortable" going to Tom's house for an unspecified reason.

Afterward, Ashley began, Tom supposedly sent her sister a series of bizarre text messages, many of which were "incoherent" and "unhinged." Moreover, he later posted a video on his Facebook page in which he continued to accuse Groussman of engaging in disingenuous and manipulate behaviors.

In the post, Mr. Arnold accused his wife of making up bizarre stories regarding her family and often brings in the police when it isn't necessary. According to the long-time Hollywood actor, he's currently gearing up for a custody trial regarding their two kids, and he thinks that fact is playing a role in her behavior.

Arnold went on to accuse Ashley of being aggressive, behavior she engages in regularly. Currently, they're awaiting their next court hearing in relation to Quinn and Jax on the 28th of January. As most know, Tom and Ashley broke up back in January of 2019.

Before then, Tom was married to Roseanne Barr for four years from 1990 until 1994. He also married from 1995 until 1999 to Julie Armstrong, as well as Shelby Roos for six years.


Fans of Arnold know he doesn't get along with Roseanne Barr that much either. Last year, Tom didn't hold his criticisms of Barr back during her  Roseanne show controversy in which she was accused of making racist tweets.

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