Ashley Graham Shares First Pics And Video Of Baby Isaac

Ashley Graham Shares First Pics And Video Of Baby Isaac
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Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin are ready to introduce their newborn to the world. On Monday, the couple posted two pics of their son - who they named Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin - on Instagram, and the little one also made an appearance during the latest episode of Graham’s podcast Pretty Big Deal .

Graham wrote in the caption of two black-and-white photos that she gave birth to Isaac on January 18th at 6:00 pm, and that was when they welcomed “7lbs 5 oz. of love into our world.” The pictures didn’t show Isaac’s face, and instead they featured him holding on to Ervin’s fingers with his tiny hands.

Graham also teased her new episode of Pretty Big Deal - which was posted on Tuesday - by telling her Instagram followers that she couldn’t wait to introduce her son to them.

“Nothing prepares you for just how magical and intense giving birth is,” wrote Graham in the caption of the Pretty Big Deal video. “I’m so grateful that I was able to deliver naturally in my home with my husband by my side for all 6 hours of labor. Holding my baby for the first time is a moment I’ll never forget.”

During the podcast, Graham told Ervin that after giving birth naturally and feeling everything, she feels like there is nothing she can’t do. Graham said she felt “invincible,” and nothing could come her way that she would feel was too hard and couldn’t handle.

The model has been extremely candid and honest about her pregnancy on social media, and she’s continuing that trend now that she’s a new mom. During the podcast, Graham held baby Isaac and breast fed him while she and Ervin explained the meaning behind their son’s name.

The couple shared that all of the names were pointing to “legacy.” Ervin said that he came up with the name Isaac when he was in middle school and discussing with his sister what life would be like when they grew up and started their own families. Isaac is a Biblical name, and he was the son of Abraham and the father of Jacob.

They got their inspiration for Menelik during their trip to Ethiopia, as Menelik was the first Emperor of the country and he was also the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. The couple explained that the name means “son of the wise.”

The name Giovanni - the Italian version of John - was a nod to Ervin’s Italian roots, and both Graham and Ervin’s fathers are named John.

Ashley Graham says that she’s been constantly “awwwing” at everything that Isaac does since his birth, and she is so glad that she and Justin Ervin were able to introduce him to the world.

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