Ashley Graham Looks Like A Goddess As She Covers US Vogue — Pregnant Model Opens Up About Weight Gain

Ashley Graham Looks Like A Goddess As She Covers US Vogue — Pregnant Model Opens Up About Weight Gain
Credit: Source: Ashely Graham/Instagram

Ashely Graham is gorgeous and very pregnant on the January cover of U.S. Vogue and the plus-size supermodel opened up about weight gain. No one would ever suspect the beautiful 32-year-old struggled with her new body as she looked like a golden goddess on the Vogue cover that was shot by renowned celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. Ashley shared the cover with her 9.6 million Instagram followers and described her solo Vogue cover as a "dream come true."

This is Ashley's first solo U.S. Vogue cover though she has shared the cover with other models in the past.

The issue celebrates love, pregnancy and motherhood, and Stella McCartney and her children will also be featured. Ashley opened up in the article about the joys of pregnancy as well as the struggles she initially experienced as her body began changing apart from her control.

Ashley has a strong platform as a body-positive model and she is known for her confidence, strength, and bravery. She has posted nude, unretouched photos showing her blemishes, stretch marks, and cellulite. Though Ashley has experienced some of the ups and downs that come with pregnancy, she has a strong fan base who not only support her as a role model but offer her encouragement as she enters this new chapter in her life.

You may see the Vogue cover featuring Ashley Graham in the post below.

Ashley's fans are thrilled for the mom-to-be to have landed the cover and undoubtedly, it is a monumental moment in Ashley's life that she (and her son) will never forget. Ashley will always have this special photo and memory of being on the cover of Vogue while pregnant with her little boy to treasure throughout her life.

What do you think of Vogue's issue that starts the new year by celebrating motherhood? Do you think Ashley looks like the goddess that she says Annie Liebovitz made her feel like?

Ashely hasn't revealed her exact due date, but she has said it is in January but that she is hoping she could go early and give birth in December. It is possible that she will give birth to her son while the Vogue issue is still on stands.

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