Ashley Graham Is Having A Boy — Model Has Wild Baby Shower

Ashley Graham Is Having A Boy — Model Has Wild Baby Shower
Credit: Source: Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham is celebrating her first pregnancy and after being secretive about her baby's due date and gender for months, the supermodel is finally revealing all of the details. She's due somewhere in January and is having a boy. The gender reveal happened on Ellen's show while playing a game of rapid questions.

Ellen fired off a succession of questions that Ashley had to answer quickly. The last question was if Ashley was having a boy or a girl to which she answered as follows.

"Boy! Yay! I'm having a boy! I'm going to be a mommy to a boy! I'm having a boy!"

The audience cheered and Ashley's fans were thrilled for her.

Ashley hasn't made an additional announcement on her social media pages where she said that she is having a boy. Basically, Ellen's show was the big gender reveal and the news spread like wildfire.

Ashley Graham hasn't mentioned what baby names she's interested in.

You may see the video interview with Ashley Graham where she discusses her baby's gender reveal and due date in the video player below.

In addition to the gender reveal, Ashley has also made recent headlines for the baby shower she just had. Ashley was caught twerking at the baby shower, they had a tattoo booth, and body piercing was set up. Ashley Graham has always been unconventional and so far her clothing of choice has been unconventional as well. It should come as no surprise that her baby shower was non-traditional too.

Ashely Graham shared some photos and videos from her baby shower. You may see those below.

Ashley shared the following caption along with photos from her wild baby shower.

"Feeling so blessed to have such a strong support system in our lives. Thank you to everyone who came together to celebrate our baby boy! I’ve never had so many hands on my belly and I LOVE IT! We feel so lucky and excited to be experiencing this new chapter with all of you in our lives and everyone who has shared so much love here!" ❤️

What do you think about the way Ashley Graham did her baby's gender reveal?

Did you like Ashley Graham's unconventional take on the baby shower?

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