Ashley Graham Hilariously Shows Off Her Broken Tooth And New, Toothless Smile

Ashley Graham Hilariously Shows Off Her Broken Tooth And New, Toothless Smile
Credit: Source: Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham is known for being open, upfront, and truthful with her fans, but no one was prepared for the level of honesty she was about to share. Still quarantining in Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband Justin Ervin, their son, Isaac, she revealed that her mother made some delicious cookies but unfortunately, Ashley had a bit of an accident. Ashley revealed that her mother makes the best oatmeal cookies but put them in the freezer. By the time Ashley went to enjoy one, she broke her tooth biting into the cookie — ouch! It appears that Ashley actually broke off a crown, due to the shape of the tooth that is left.  Regardless, Ashley revealed the sight on her Instagram account, and many people were shocked that a supermodel would show off her toothless grin!

Many people are having a hard time with the Coronavirus quarantine and lockdown and life has abruptly changed (or come to a standstill) for many. Trips to the doctor or dentist aren't as routine as before the pandemic and even simple things like going to a DMV or grocery store has changed.

Ashley shared a humorous video with her 11 million Instagram followers where she covered her mouth with her hand, then pulled it away for a big reveal.

You may see Ashely Graham's video revealing her missing tooth in the video player below.

Though Ashley didn't reveal whether she has been to a dentist or not, she did provide an update in her Instagram stories where she revealed she glued a new tooth on.

Her teeth looked perfect so, it seems there must have been professional dentistry involved. She showed her new tooth and flashed a dazzling smile for the camera. Ashley looked stunning as usual.

You may see both videos featuring Ashley losing her tooth than showing off the new one in the video player below.

What do you think about Ashley's honesty? Would you show the world your missing tooth if you experienced what happened to Ashley Graham?

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