Ashley Graham Gets Real With New Photos And Shows Off Her Bright Red Stretch Marks — Covers Them With Glitter

Ashley Graham Gets Real With New Photos And Shows Off Her Bright Red Stretch Marks — Covers Them With Glitter
Credit: Source: Ashley Graham/Instagram

Having a baby is hard work. Whether it is the nine months of preparing for delivery, the actual labor, and birth, or the post-partum period when many women may feel overwhelmed with their new schedules, parenting duties, and lack of sleep, having a baby involves many changes. Some of those changes include self-esteem issues, especially if a woman has struggled with her body image in the past. Ashley Graham is letting women know that they aren't alone with their struggle to get their body back to its former glory and she's proved that by baring all in some new Instagram photos.

Sharing a topless photo on her official Instagram page, where the supermodel has over 10 million followers, Ashley posted a photo that was in line with her attitude of self-acceptance and self-love. Though Ashley has shown her fans what her pregnant body looked like, including the stretch marks she gained throughout her pregnancy, this was the first time that Ashley truly showed the bright reddish-purple stretch marks on her abdomen. The photo that she shared has gone viral and currently has more than 1 million views.

In a second photo that Ashley shared on her Instagram story, Ashley was seen with glitter on her stretch marks. You may see those photos along with other photos that Ashley shared before and after her pregnancy below.

Ashley has opened up about the difficulties she faced accepting her changing body throughout her pregnancy with her social media followers. It comes as no surprise to her fans that she is equally open and candid about her post-partum body as she was when she burst on the scene as a plus-size model.

Additionally, Ashley spoke to Demi Lovato who opened up about her own eating disorders and how they factored into her drug overdose.

You may see Ashley Graham's interview with Demi Lovato in the video player below.

What do you think about Ashley Graham's openness and bravery in showing her post-partum body and stretch marks? Were you surprised to see her being so honest and showing off her body?

Are you a fan of Ashley Graham's? Did you watch her podcast "Pretty Big Deal" with Demi Lovato?

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