Ashley Graham Continues To Love Her Changing Pregnancy Body As She Poses With Emily Ratajkowski In Inamorata Woman

Ashley Graham Continues To Love Her Changing Pregnancy Body As She Poses With Emily Ratajkowski In Inamorata Woman
Credit: Source: Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham loved her body before pregnancy, just the way God made it, and it should come as no surprise to her fans that she equally loves her pregnancy body. Sharing many baring and intimate photos on her social media accounts, Ashley shared another nude photo over the weekend in her Instagram story. Her 9.1 million followers saw Ashley's growing baby bump as well as her stretch marks that she chooses not to filter out of her pictures. Her fans continue to praise her body positivity and the realness that she exhibits throughout her modeling career.

This is Ashley Graham's first child with husband Justin Ervin. At this point, Ashley hasn't revealed how far along she is or what her expected due date is. She announced her pregnancy on her ninth-wedding anniversary with Justin.

In addition to her naked Instagram story, Ashley also showed off her yoga poses as she shared a photo of herself wearing black leggings and a black bra while she reached behind and grabbed hold of her foot. What many people remarked upon was that while Ashley showed off her flexibility, she had an extremely peaceful look on her face as if she had found her meditative state. That type of inner focus should come into play when Ashley goes into labor.

You may see the photo of Ashely in her yoga pose below.

Ashley's fans know that she is besties with fellow model Emily Ratajkowski. The two are attending New York's fashion week, and Emily found a great model to wear clothing from her Inamorata Woman line. Emily and Ashley looked stunning as the two were spotted in New York on Friday the 13th both wearing the Figueroa dress.

Emily looked stunning in the orange dress paired with snake-skinned stiletto boots and a matching snake skinned purse. Emily paired the dress with a metallic gold belt. The look was enough to stop traffic but fans were in for a double treat as Ashley also dazzled in Inamorata Woman's Figueroa dress. Ashley wore a little cover-up top with the dress that came to a sweet bow at the top of her baby bump. Emily's clothing line is known for its sex appeal and she certainly proved by dressing Ashely that pregnant women don't have to give up sexiness or glam just because they're expecting.

Both Emily and Ashley are known for their incredible sense of style and as the two are extremely close, many are already calling Emily "Auntie Emily" to Ashley's child.

What do you think of Ashley's and Emily's looks?


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