Ashley Darby Claims She Almost Quit RHOP After Last Season -- This is What Made Her Change Her Mind

Ashley Darby Claims She Almost Quit RHOP After Last Season -- This is What Made Her Change Her Mind
Credit: Source: Bravo

Ashley Darby had without a doubt her most challenging season of Real Housewives of Potomac yet. The stress from her storyline almost made her decide to quit the show.

Last installment, Michael Darby was accused of groping a cameraman that was filming for the show at Moniece Samuels' rainbow baby party. There was no footage of the alleged grope, but it was believable to both viewers and castmates of the show considering his butt-grabbing history.

Although he was cleared in the court of law, the court of opinion was an entirely different story. On top of the serious allegation, there was a rumor that weeks before the groping drama, Michael was accused of making a very sexual comment about one of the ladies' husbands.

Ashley stood by her man the entire time. However, she absolutely thought about kicking Bravo cameras out of her life for good.

While at Bravocon, the new mom was asked what made her want to stay on the series.

She responded: 'To be honest with you, I almost didn’t — it was very trying. A lot of this is because I do have a baby now and my child can’t decide if he wants to be on the show. So while I’m an adult and I can make the decision for myself, I would feel a little more protective about Dean, exposing Dean to being in that world of negativity that would come, so I almost didn’t.'

She went on to say that she was 'coerced' by some of her co-stars while looking at Gizelle Bryant.

Speaking of Dean, she also revealed in a separate interview that he is a reminder of why she and Michael are together.

'Dean is the best reminder of why we're together, and keeping us centered. He's great! He's an angel ... As soon as I popped that baby out, I was like, he's amazing! He's the best!'

Are you happy that Ashley didn't quit RHOP?


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