Ashley Benson And G-Eazy's New Romance Reportedly ‘Progressed Quickly’ Following Cara Delevingne Split - Here's Why!

Ashley Benson And G-Eazy's New Romance Reportedly ‘Progressed Quickly’ Following Cara Delevingne Split - Here's Why!
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Ashley Benson and G-Eazy haven’t been together for a long time but it appears that their relationship is progressing really fast! That being said, one insider report claims to know the reason why!

It’s safe to say that fans were surprised to hear about the stars’ whirlwind romance, mainly because it started pretty much immediately after Ashley and her now-ex girlfriend, Cara Delevingne , ended their relationship.

From the outside, it seems like the new pair is moving really fast but one source tells HollywoodLife that it’s the perfect pace for the two of them.

They also explained the reason why things have progressed so quickly for Ashley and G-Eazy.

The actress and the rapper were first seen smooching in her car after getting some fast food together in L.A.

The kiss came just a bit over a week after Cara and she announced they were over.

Not too long after, Ashley and G-Eazy confirmed their relationship and ever since then, they have been completely inseparable, with many instances of paparazzi spotting the lovers together out and about.

It seems like they have mainly been enjoying going on hikes together and hanging out at the rapper’s house amid this COVID-19 quarantine.

Even though the options may have been limited because of the lockdown, the celebs still really enjoy being together no matter what they may be doing at the time.

The source went on to explain that ‘They’re a full on couple now. It sort of happened because they like being together so much. They have barely gone a day without seeing each other in the last month.’

Furthermore, Ashley took G-Eazy to her sister’s wedding just last month and it sounds like her family loved him!

‘They’re very natural together. Ashley seems very happy. Their lives have been slowed down by all the restrictions, so they've had the chance to hang out more and are getting to know each other better. G-Eazy wants to be in a relationship often, but then he goes on tour and the temptation sets in. The thing with Ashley's that he truly finds her really fun and cool, and really unique, and realized they work as a couple,’ the same insider dished.

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