Ashlee Simpson Shares Sister Jessica's Secret For Losing 100 Pounds And Getting Her 'Groove' Back!

Ashlee Simpson Shares Sister Jessica's Secret For Losing 100 Pounds And Getting Her 'Groove' Back!
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As fans know, just last week, Jessica Simpson took to social media to tell her followers that she’d managed to shed no less than 100 pounds after welcoming her daughter, Birdie back in March! The singer posted pics on her platform of choice, showing off her slim figure!

Now, her sister, Ashlee Simpson Ross chatted with HollywoodLife about Jessica’s weight loss and revealed how she got in shape.

She was also very happy for her. After all, losing so much weight is definitely not easy.

‘I think it’s just focus and every day grinding and doing it, and it’s amazing. You lose the weight. [I’m] so happy for her. She’s got her groove back!’

While on her trip to New York City, Jessica has been posing in a lot of tight and hot dresses in the last few days and it’s safe to say her sister is right!

Less than a week ago, she told her fans: ‘6 months. a hundred pounds down (Yes, I tipped the scales at 240 lbs ) My first trip away from #BIRDIEMAE and emotional for so many reasons, but proud to feel like myself again. Even when it felt impossible, I just chose to work harder.’

Jessica, who gave birth to her youngest, Birdie, back in March, is also the mother of 6 year old Ace and 7 year old Maxwell.

She did not mention what kind of hard work she needed to achieve her goal but Ashlee revealed that it was a lot of time in the gym.

‘We both work out. We don’t work out together but we definitely talk after we workout.’

Of course, healthy eating played a role as well but even so, Jessica stressed that she does not like the word diet since she still has the occasional snack and would not want to feel guilty about it. It’s all about balance!


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