Ashlee Simpson And Husband Evan Ross Open Up About Parenthood

Ashlee Simpson And Husband Evan Ross Open Up About Parenthood

Parenthood is hard work. Even for celebrities who have resources and help, feeling overwhelmed and run down is a common occurrence. There's only so much sleep deprivation, discipline and fussy babies one can take. But those tough moments are always countered by sweeter, more meaningful moments and the struggle all becomes worth it.

It appears that celebrity couple Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson have figured out their perfect groove and recently opened up about what works for them.

The couple has been married for three years and share a daughter, Jagger, who is 2, together. Ashlee also has a son from a previous relationship.

During a recent charity event for Operation Smile, Ross opened up about how close he and Simpson are in various parts of their lives.

"We do kind of almost everything together. Especially stuff like this. Being that we have children together, this is something that we hold very close and dear to our hearts."

When asked about the kids, both had loving and complimentary things to say. Simpson gave the back-to-school update saying Jagger will be starting pre-K and her older son, Bronx has started the third grade.

Ross had really lovely things to say about his step son as well. He praised him for being so smart and commended his level of maturity.

Ross has a great role model in the parenting department as he is the son of famous music icon Diana Ross. His sister Tracee Elis Ross, star of Blackish , also came out to support Operation Smile and the causes they champion.

It seems that the entire Simpson/Ross brood is incredibly close. Tracee often spends time with her niece Jagger. The posting of a photo at a recent party was a reminder Tracee and Jessica Simpson are actually related through marriage.

Jessica, Ashlee's sister, enjoyed relative music fame in the early 2000's and has since amassed a great deal of success in the fashion industry.

That certainly sounds like one fun BBQ we'd like to be invited to.

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