Asher Monroe Liked Tweets That Were Critical Of His Fiancée Diana Jenkins

Asher Monroe Liked Tweets That Were Critical Of His Fiancée Diana Jenkins
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On Friday, Asher Monroe, engaged to Diana Jenkins, made headlines when his Twitter account liked some negative comments about his girlfriend.

There are images of tweets that Monroe, 33, allegedly liked from a fan account called @MadBeefs, including one that stated, "Diana Jenkins is a disgusting person inside and out and the only reason Asher was even on the show was to promote himself..." And I'm willing to bet she even footed the bill!

To add insult to injury, another tweet claimed, "Donating your money to organizations is fine but it does not make you a decent person," presumably about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's recent $100,000 donation to the victims of the Lion Air Flight 610 tragedy.

In a third tweet that seemed to be liked by Monroe, the words "Diana is dull" were included. However, Page Six has learned exclusively from a source that the singer-songwriter is not to blame for his partner's dislike of unfavorable comments.

It's been reported that Monroe has a social media manager stationed in London who likes odd posts on his behalf, albeit it's not apparent why this employee would support negative comments made about his boss's family member.

The social media manager's fate is unclear; they may have been disciplined or sacked. On the other hand, the source stresses that Monroe, 73, and Jenkins, 49, are over heels in love and that everything is perfect between them.
The two have not spoken publicly about the rumors surrounding their romance.

On Thursday night, however, the Bosnian-born philanthropist posted videos to Instagram Stories that appear to prove that she and her fiance are getting along well. The pair can be seen in the videos reading a bedtime tale to their daughter Eliyanah, who is 1 year old.

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