Ashanti Slays In New Photos That Prove She Is Aging Backward

Ashanti Slays In New Photos That Prove She Is Aging Backward
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Ashanti is still celebrating her birthday and treating her supporters with sensational videos and photos to show how things went down.

The birthday "recap" reveals that the R&B star spent her time in Antigua, and she went wild with the hair.

In a caption, she thanked those who reached out to her on the big day. She wrote: "Overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Thankful for all the blessings, lessons, reasons, and seasons. I cannot express how happy I am for this next chapter in life. Thank all of you guys for the endless love and support throughout all of these years. The ups and downs, the ins and outs, the friends and foes. Everything happens for a reason, and in God's time. Thank you guys for all of your birthday wishes. I truly appreciate you so much. Love y’all. 10/13."

A friend told her: "DAAAYYYUUUMMM SIS! ALWAYS KILLIN EM!🔥🔥🔥 Feliz cumpleaños mama!!! May your birthday wishes come true 🎂Let's toast when you're back in LA🥂💖."

One follower replied: "I’m loving all of this! The whole bakery 🔥 , but this Lil strawberry short cake is hitting different ma’am..... I see you & am taking notes diligently, lol 😆😎🙌🏽."

A second commenter noted a shift in society in how women are perceived and no longer expected to get married and have a family at a certain age. The social media user shared: "I’m glad no one harasses her into having kids and being married.. sis is definitely living her best life."

This supporter opted to invite the talented songwriter for a nice dinner: "I’m cooking meatloaf, mashed potatoes, asparagus and finna watch a lil Lovecraft Country if you wanna stop by later. About to put my phone on the charger. Ttyl 😘."

A fourth comment read: "I can tell you are at the happiest phase of your journey that you have ever been. Love to see you happy with life, Ashanti🌻🦋 I hope you see reflections of mostly your inner beauty wherever you go.💛."

Ashanti seems happier in her life as she begins this new chapter. Fans are hoping that she will keep sharing her joy and happiness with them.

She is a true inspiration for many of them and on different levels because she was able to accomplish a lot.

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