Ashanti Shares Photos Where She Gives A Lap Dance To A Male Fan With Raunchy Moves And Sparks Heated Debate

Ashanti Shares Photos Where She Gives A Lap Dance To A Male Fan With Raunchy Moves And Sparks Heated Debate
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Ashanti has been going to some great lengths lately to keep her male fans entertained during her sexy and fiery shows.

And for the most part, it appears to be working -- she has been enjoying quite a lot of attention lately, especially after making some special gestures for her fans.

In a recent example, the talented singer was spotted giving a personal lap dance to a lucky fan, who seemed to be having the time of his life.

Ashanti made it clear that she had the moves, and at one point she even reached out and grabbed him by the crotch.

And while some of the singer's fans have been trying to accuse her of misbehaving and have been sending negative comments regarding the situation, it looks like most were quite impressed with Ashanti's skills.

And for what it is worth, it did not seem like the lucky fan minded any single moment of the whole ordeal.

Ashanti seems to know what she is doing when it comes to building publicity, as she has been going strong lately and has been able to share multiple photos that have gone viral.

Some of her supprters were previously worried that her popularity might be waning, but that is definitely not the case at this point.

The diva has appeared in a movie and dropped a sexy bikini line where she served as a model/ambassador alongside her designer sister, Shia.

And several rumors are swirling on the Internet about her possible upcoming works, and she likely has a lot to deliver in the coming weeks or months.

Hopefully, she manages to live up to the hype though for music lovers, as she has set the bar a bit high at this point.

One fan said this about the picture: "She better have made him sign a waiver to avoid getting Katy Perry'd years from now 😅"

Another commenter stated: "I just want to point on that if this was a man doing this, everyone would be screaming sexual assault. Double standard America. 🤷🏾‍♂️"

This backer wrote: "This song and the album was such an underrated man. I wish you gave in these streets and struggle a video along with this one. All bops!! 😍😍"

One critic shared: "Is this a casual pic of sexual misconduct/assault? He was a random audience member right?"

For Ashanti, summer is the whole year.

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