Ashanti Shares New Pictures To Show The Results Of Her Impressive Workout -- Ja Rule's Pal Wants To Inspire Other Women

Ashanti Shares New Pictures To Show The Results Of Her Impressive Workout -- Ja Rule's Pal Wants To Inspire Other Women
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Ashanti has confirmed to the world that she has been working out and she has decided to share a few pictures to show the result.

The "Things You Make Me Do" singer, who recently suffered a fashion fail at the Grammys, posted a few stunning photos that were taken in a tall building in Beverly Hills, California.

Ashanti, who was wearing a tiny crop top, flaunted her abs and pushed many of her followers to run the gym.

One fan told the "When a Man Does Wrong" artist: "Bomb 💣Ok how do I get a stomach like that?😊 Yes looks good on you boo! You always a beautiful girl but this short hair lately is 🔥Your beauty is like water flowing down a stream; never ending is what it seems. In a pack of cards you are the queen of hearts, wish you could give me Cupid's position to shoot darts😊.

Another commenter had this to say: "Is she ever going to tell us where the fountain of youth is located? 😒 At this point, it’s just not fair 😍😍 she’s the most beautiful woman organic. Your abs are sick makes me wanna put down this strawberry cheesecake. How in the world is this gorgeous woman single?"

This follower complimented Ashanti on her transformation by writing: "Loving your whole transformation these days. Get them, girl. I swear u don’t age at all‼️‼️‼️ 😍😍Can I please have your workout and diet regimen for free? Please, I'm fat n desperate @ashanti. Love that outfit!! ❤️ and you make it look better!"

In a recent interview, Ashanti shared this piece of advice with women struggling with body acceptance: "Personally, I feel like you should always try to look for your best asset. If it’s your eyes, or if it’s your waist – whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself, accentuate that. Just never feel like you have to change because of what someone else says or wants. You have to be happy from within. So if you’re happy with a big butt or if you’re happy with a little butt, as long as you are happy, that’s what matters. You have to be confident and love yourself first and demand that respect regardless of what anyone else thinks or has to say about it. It starts from you being happy with yourself. Don’t try to please anyone else or become some kind of carbon cutout of what someone else wants."

Ashanti has found her niche.

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