Ashanti Shares Her Last Text Messages With Nipsey Hussle

Ashanti Shares Her Last Text Messages With Nipsey Hussle
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Ashanti has recently stopped by ET to promote her latest musical project. It's a drama that's called Stuck.

At one point, she was asked about her friendship with her pal, the late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Previously, she had shared on her social media account that she has attended his memorial service at Staples Center, but on her live segment with ET, she also shared her last text messages with him.

'I’m still a little bit in disbelief,' she said. 'Going to the funeral, I think it shocked me a little bit, and it became a reality, seeing the casket on the stage.'

Ashanti continued and said 'He’s such an amazing person and an amazing spirit and he’s done so much.'

'Nip was always helpful. It’s funny because I was looking at some of the last texts that we had, and I was recording at his studio and was like, ‘Nip, I don’t think I’m going to make it tonight. I have allergies; I’m sneezing, I got a headache,’' she said as reported by HotNewHipHop.

'He was like, ‘Oh I got these herbs that are good for you! I know where you can get some good stuff!’ And he was sending me links and like, ‘Sis, I got you, you gotta try this.’ And it just made me sad because he was such an amazing spirit. His heart was pure, and he was always willing to help and always really positive.'

After the memorial service, Ashanti posted something on her social media account in order to honor the memory of the late rapper.

'What an emotional Rollercoaster. I saw so much of my family in yours. The bond between your brother and sister is a mirror to the bond I have with mine. Your Parent’s love & strength is immaculate.. and shows so much of how you became who you are... My spirit was moved. Your heart is pure... Even after your death, you are continuing to make a change in people’s lives.. Lauren your love & strength have been unparalleled.. sending an abundance of love to you, the babies & all of the family. #Rip Nip... The Marathon Continues!!!! 💙'

Her fans began praising him in the comments, saying that he was a great dad and also an amazing brother and offering their support to Lauren London.

Ashanti's fans also made sure to tell her that her message was really emotional and they praised her initiative to say a few words.

A lot of people who were close to Nip have been posting messages to honor his memory and to show their support for his family and all the loved ones.


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